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Got a pup with a particularly sensitive tum? Look no further than our Super Premium range. Perfect for dogs with a temperamental gut – or those susceptible to reactions – these simple yet delicious recipes contain a single animal protein source. Plus, every recipe in the range is free from common allergens, such as beef, pork, wheat gluten, dairy, and soya.

Minimal ingredients in these kibbles mean easier digestion. But we’ve still made sure nothing is missed – every enriched bite has nourishing minerals your dog needs to maintain their overall health and wellbeing. You can rest easy knowing your pup is chowing down on some delicious, healthy, and hypoallergenic kibble.

An imbalance in your dog’s gut is typically the cause of those stinky farts and korma poos we know and (really don’t) love. Luckily, the yucca extract in this range derives from natural sources and is an organic deodoriser – like a built-in antiperspirant. So, as well as soothing their digestive system with ingredients that are easy on the gut, you can reduce stool odour in the process.

Our Super Premium range has all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to help maintain a robust immune system, as well as healthy skin and a shiny coat. Happy days!

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