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Superfood – Adult – British grass fed lamb with mint, pomegranate, mulberry, broccoli, and fennel


Kibble size: 14mm x 5mm


You just can’t beat grass-fed lamb with mint and veg. We’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we could. But we can’t. The next best thing? Offering this dreamy dish to our pups. Lucky buggers.

Lamb is a brilliant, premium protein choice for doggos. With an amazing nutritional profile containing zinc, B vitamins, and iron, you can rest easy knowing your pup gets only the best. Zinc boosts the immune system while B vitamins support the nervous system. And iron helps with the circulatory system.

The mint does more than just complete this dish. It can soothe upset stomachs and is a source of potassium, which helps with nerve and muscle functions. And the rest of the ingredients are amazing. Pomegranate is included as a source of vitamin C, which has an essential role in collagen synthesis. And fennel is a good source of calcium to support bones and teeth. On top of that, there’s some mulberry and broccoli in there for good measure!

This flavour is rich in naturally occurring collagen which supports joints, bones, and skin. It’s also grain free and features prebiotics FOS and MOS. All this goodness goes to waste if your pup isn’t digesting it properly.

Part of our Superfood range, this kibble goes through the Freshtrusion process to seal in as much flavour as possible while increasing digestibility and bioavailability, resulting in a premium product.

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