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Grain-free – Adult – Duck with sweet potato and orange


Kibble size: 14mm x 5mm

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For any pups with a more sophisticated palate, look no further than our grain-free duck with sweet potato and orange kibble. After all, who can resist a tender yet powerfully tasty duck with a luxurious drizzle of orange? It’s a classic for a reason. And with 50% total duck – a lean, nutritious protein source – this mouthwatering recipe will definitely have your pup howlin’ for more. 

This tantalizing flavour is bursting with essential nutrients. Iron is essential to the cells that produce energy, while zinc has an important role in immune function and metabolism, keeping your pooch happy and healthy across the board. While B vitamins help to regulate energy over time, preventing those random, hour-long zoomie sessions. 

And the sweet potato is perfect for pups with funny tummies as it’s gentle, easy to digest, and a great source of fibre. Orange, a well-known source of vitamin C, also gives your pooch an extra immune boost, supporting healthy aging and reducing inflammation. What better way to keep your pup on top form? Even when they’re munching on deflated footballs they find in the park.

We all know a healthy pup is a happy pup. That’s why we’ve also included an Omega-3 supplement to support their heart, mental health, and keep that fur on fleek. You’ll also find prebiotics FOS and MOS, which promote the growth of healthy bacteria, keeping their digestion on top form. 

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