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Superfood – Adult – English country duck, with parsnip, beetroot, orange, asparagus, and pumpkin


Kibble size: 15mm x 6mm


If you’re looking to treat your ball of fluff to a dish bursting with flavour, nutrients, and protein, our English country duck flavour from our Superfood range might just fit the bill (pun definitely intended). 

Why duck? Well, it’s a lean, highly digestible protein source that’s rich in iron, amino acids, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Iron is essential for the production of energy. B vitamins regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism. And antioxidants slow the aging process and give your pup an immune boost. Put them all together and it’s like magic!

We’ve also packed in some other delicious ingredients. Parsnip is a great source of niacin, which supports cognitive function and digestion. Beetroot is a known superfood that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre, supporting digestion. And pumpkin is full of vitamin A to support healthy vision and immune function. Bone appetit *chef kiss*.

This tasty flavour is also perfect for pups with grain intolerance, as it’s naturally grain free. And we all know the pain of a dodgy tummy. So we added prebiotics FOS and MOS to support healthy digestion by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria.

All our kibble in the Superfood range is created using the Freshtrusion process. This allows us to include more fresh ingredients, increase digestibility, boost the bioavailability of the nutrients, and create a fuller flavour.

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