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Grain-free – Adult – Chicken with sweet potato and herbs


Kibble size: 14mm x 5mm


The leashed we can do for our pets is provide healthy and delicious food. So can we interest you in some chicken with grain-free sweet potato and herb kibble? Made up of 55% responsibly sourced and high-quality chicken, this flavour is lean, clean, and rich in essential amino acids.

This recipe is packed with a healthy dose of B vitamins and iron, which contribute to your pooch’s overall health and wellbeing. The herbs are there for more than just flavour; they contain essential vitamins and beneficial plant compounds, including antibacterials and antioxidants.

It’s everything your pet needs to fight off illness and bacteria which, when you think about how much they run around licking and eating random objects, is welcome with open arms. And all our grain-free kibble contains sweet potato and potato, suitable for dogs with a grain intolerance.

Ideal for those pearly whites, our crunchy, textured kibble helps maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth as they wolf down their dinner. Our chicken with sweet potato and herbs kibble also contains an added Omega-3 supplement to boost your pup’s skin and coat, as well as prebiotics MOS and FOS to promote healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion. Bone appetite!

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