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Grain-free – Puppy – Chicken with turkey, salmon, sweet potato, and carrots


Kibble size: 8.5mm x 8mm


Puppies are babies. They have a lot of growing, sniffing, zooming, licking, chewing, and sleeping to do. And after a ruff day at the paw-ffice, they need some serious fuel to keep them going. This delicious recipe contains 60% total chicken, turkey, and salmon, giving your pup the healthy dose of protein they need to support their growth and development.

Chicken is a lean source of protein that’s rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, including B vitamins and iron to boost their health and wellbeing. Turkey is also rich in protein, along with a bit of riboflavin and phosphorus, an essential for them to remain healthy.

We’ve put some salmon in there because it’s easy to digest and rich in Omega-3. These fatty acids have amazing anti-inflammatory properties that support joint health, skin, and keep your pup’s coat glossy. And the carrot – well, it isn’t just for rabbits. It’s a well-known source of vitamin A, which is great for their eye health and vision.

We know growing bodies need an extra boost to grow into happy, healthy dogs. That’s why our puppy kibble contains a joint care pack to help support cartilage metabolism and build up healthy joints. And it’s specifically designed to be the optimal shape and size for smaller mouths.

What better way to get your beautiful pup off to the best start in life?

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