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Naturals – Adult – Turkey with rice 12kg


Kibble size: 14mm x 7.5mm

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Have you ever heard the phrase “sick as a dog”? We’re not fans of that one – whatever happened to “healthy as a dog”? Now that’s more like it! And with our turkey with rice kibble, that’s exactly what they’ll be. Made for doggos with sensitive tummies, this flavour is part of our Naturals range and is packed with nutritious, functional ingredients.

Delicious, lean, and highly digestible, turkey is the perfect choice for any pup. It’s a great source of many essential nutrients such as potassium and riboflavin, and the amino acids your pup needs to stay on top form. Your doggo’s heart, nerves, and muscles all need potassium to function properly. And riboflavin plays a vital role in the repair and growth of DNA. 

Sensitive on the stomach, rice is the perfect addition to this flavour. And the added chicory extract can help aid digestion and maintain healthy gut bacteria.

At Swagwags, we believe our doggos deserve the best. That’s why you’ll never find any dodgy ingredients or artificial nasties in our kibble. We preserve it naturally using rosemary extract and use only responsibly sourced, prime cuts of meat. If we wouldn’t eat it, why should they? 



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