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Naturals – Puppy – Turkey with rice 12kg


Kibble size: 9mm x 5.4mm

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When you bring home your new bundle of fur only to discover they have sensitive digestion, it can be scary. You want to help them stay as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible. This turkey with rice flavour from our Naturals range could be just what they need to sort their tummy out and get back on top form.

Puppies have a great deal of growing to do, so turkey is the perfect choice of protein. It’s lean, full of amino acids, selenium, riboflavin, and potassium. Selenium is essential for their metabolism, riboflavin helps support digestion, growth, and healing, And potassium aids in the functioning of electrical charges around the body. So it’s all pretty important if you ask us!

Perfect for pups with sensitive tums, this recipe contains rice and oats which are known to be gentle on the digestive tract. We also added some chicory extract, as it can aid digestion and help maintain healthy bacteria in the gut. 

Finally, we all know how curious young puppies are. They run around licking and chewing anything they can get their little paws on. That’s why we included an Omega-3 supplement to support their mental and physical development while giving them an immune boost so they can continue exploring their new world.


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