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Grain-free – Small breed puppy – Turkey with duck, sweet potato, dill and camomile


Kibble size: 8mm x 4mm


Your puppy might not be allowed in the most luxurious Michelin-star restaurants, but they can still enjoy some home-made haute cuisine. Spoil them with our decadent turkey and duck kibble.

Did you know feeding your pup multiple protein sources could help reduce their chances of developing sensitivities and intolerances? That’s why we’ve included two protein-packed birds into one tasty meal. 

Both turkey and duck are lean, nutrient-dense protein sources. The turkey is bursting with riboflavin, potassium and selenium, while the duck is filled with iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc. All of these are essential for the production of energy and balancing their enzymes and hormones. Not to mention it keeps them happy and healthy!

The sweet potato is also a perfect addition. With a low glycemic index, this tasty carb helps release energy slowly, preventing crazy bursts of energy. And the dill is a recognised antispasmodic. You know what that means? It helps freshen up breath and reduce flatulence – a win-win!

Puppies have their whole lives ahead of them. They need to have the best start in life to grow into strong, healthy doggos. So we included a joint care pack to help support their joints and cartilage. And the Omega-3 supplement supports cognitive development, aiding in memory and learning ability. Smaller doggos don’t need as many calories as their taller counterparts so we made our small breed recipe perfect for your little bundle of joy.

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