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Super Premium – Adult – Salmon with potato


Kibble size: 22mm x 9mm



Keen to soothe your pooch’s sensitivities? Look no further. Our salmon and potato hypoallergenic kibble is perfect for any dog with digestive issues or poos that look like last night’s curry. This tasty kibble contains 44% total salmon – an easily digestible source of protein that’s also responsibly sourced.

The ingredients are specifically chosen for those pups with sensitive digestion, while also delivering a whole range of benefits. Linseed and salmon oil contribute to healthy skin and a glossy coat. Goodbye painful scratching; hello coat on fleek.

Naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, you help support their joint health thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties. Our kibble also contains beet pulp, which is a fantastic source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. And no more gut-wrenching smelly poos thanks to the yucca extract – a natural deodoriser.

Swagwags’ Super Premium range is packed with high-quality protein and created without common food allergens for pups. That means you won’t find any beef, pork, wheat gluten, dairy, or soya in any of these flavours.

Forget about any hidden nasties – our kibble doesn’t contain artificial colours or preservatives. It’s naturally preserved using rosemary extract. And we only use high-quality cuts; no beaks, feet, bones, or feathers in this meal!


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