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Grain-free – Adult – Tuna with sweet potato and broccoli


Kibble size: 14mm x 5mm



Fishing for that coveted wag of approval? This grain-free tuna with sweet potato and broccoli kibble guarantees that their tail will go crazy and their bowl will be licked so clean you can see your reflection in it.

Packing a powerful punch of Omega-3, B vitamins, protein, and more, tuna promotes healthy brain tissue, supports heart health, and keeps your pooch looking and feeling their best. Able to improve bone strength and maintain energy, it’ll keep your pup zooming round the park for years to come.

The perfect complement to tuna? Sweet potato. It’s easy on sensitive tummies and perfect for pups who struggle to eat grains. And it’s filled with plenty of B vitamins too! Then we added some broccoli as a fantastic source of fibre, vitamins C and K, and more. The fibre keeps their digestion in check and the vitamin C gives them some extra immune support, while vitamin K is vital for helping wounds heal. 

You’ll also find an Omega-3 supplement to keep them happy and healthy, along with prebiotics FOS and MOS to help them absorb all the goodness from their dinner. Grab a bag of our grain-free tuna with sweet potato and broccoli kibble today. It’s the leashed the goodest pups in the world deserve!

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